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OK. I’m Really Back This Time.

Ok, normally I’d be embarrassed at the sputtering start to the return of the blog, but I’m preferring to look at the past two weeks as a “Hudson Bay Start.”

By the way, a Hudson Bay Start refers to a time, back before it became politically incorrect to refer to Canada as “that Place North of Summer,” the Hudson Bay Company was the exclusive outfitter for all expeditions going inland. Once a party was provisioned and ready to depart, they would set out, but then stop and camp the first night about 5 miles away. Close enough to go back and get something forgotten, or fix something broken.

I started out by ballyhooing the return of my blog for a week, writing and editing and making sure the new stuff conveyed my actual message. I put out announcements to build anticipation. Then I went to launch the new blogs and realized that I hadn’t logged into the platform for a year and had no idea of my user name or password, and even then, the portal was locked from disuse. I had to wait for my web manager to update the software and unlock the portal.

On Wednesday night (July 12, 2017), I was flipping through Groupon when I saw a Groupon for Lasik…both eyes for $1300 total….that’s an average savings of $700 per eye in this area. It finally made financial sense to get my eyes ‘fixed’. I went in for an eval on Thursday afternoon and was ‘on the table’ first thing the next morning.

Now, there is a constant in my life that I have grown to accept which is the fact that, in my reality there is usually a Hard Way, an Easy Way and then there is Rich’s way. (MY Dad used to say, ‘There’s the right way, the wrong way and your way’ I used to think he was putting me down, but I now realize he was giving me great advice…more of which in a later blog). They couldn’t do regular Lasik on me because my corneas are too flat, so they had to dissolve the surface of the cornea then scrape off the tissue with a blunt scalpel. They then had access to the part of the cornea they had to laser. Then they pumped my eyes full of antibiotics and steroids, put in contact lenses to act as a lattice for the new cornea to grow on, and told me to keep using the drops, rest my eyes as much as possible and ALWAYS wear sunglasses…even inside, until your eyes stop hurting. That last part should have warned me.

They call the procedure PRK for Photorefractive Keratectomy. I think it stands for People’s Republic of Korea because, starting Sunday morning and until Thursday night, it felt like that crazy little Kim bastard was dancing on my eyes with golf shoes.

They took the lenses out this past Friday and while I’m still a little blurry, I’m at 20/25 in both eyes and when all the healing is done, (in about 3 more weeks) I should have in the neighborhood of 20/15 total vision (they made my right eye a little stronger for shooting).

Anyway, the point is, that for a second week in a row, I couldn’t even see the keyboard let alone post blogs. BUT…I’m back and hope to post at least twice per week from now on.

Aside from an apology and explanation to the five people who actually read this and were looking for blogs, it also serves as a great prolog to the general theme I plan to adopt in future blogs…Acceptance, Humor, and Compassion.

I had all these big plans; I knew what I was going to write about; my webmaster and I are designing a new website; big changes are coming to my practice; huge changes have taken place within me and I’m more than excited to begin sharing all these wonderful events with you. Then reality happened.

In spite of my best intentions and hard work, Reality didn’t give a shit about my plans and the Universe promptly proved it. At the very moment I was set to put my plans into motion, Reality put up a barrier on every single road I intended to travel. I could have gotten upset, angry, or taken it as a personal indictment of my worth as a human being, but I knew better. I INTENTIONALLY decided that there was nothing I could do about the immediate circumstances in which I found myself. I had to ACCEPT and assess the reality of my current predicament, and use my sense of HUMOR to laugh at the certainty of my life that unfailingly served to have several unconnected and highly unlikely events all occur at the same time to thoroughly piss on and cancel my parade. Hey, it’s just my luck; I’d almost be disappointed if it didn’t happen.

I then intentionally exercised COMPASSION by forgiving myself for my part in the ‘debacle,’ and I felt empathy for the handful of loyal readers I let down through my lack of foresight.

Then I decided to get out of my own way. I sat down and emptied my mind (not a long process I hear many of you say), I clearly visualized my goals and then clearly visualized my current situation. I saw myself wrapped up in ropes and cables holding me firmly in place, then I went deeper inside and while I intentionally kept my distance from the process, I watched as each rope and cable unraveled from me and then straightened out to form a new path to my destination. By the end of my meditation, I had workable solutions to most of my current problems and was ready to dust myself off and try again.

So, here we go again, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you have an idea, a difference of opinion, or if my ‘advice’ proves useful to you, PLEASE email me and let me know.

Hoping you have an intentionally great week,


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