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Practical Demonstrations of the Awakened Consciousness

Good Monday morning to everyone. I hope you had an intentionally great and mindful weekend. Time to get back to the business of life and becoming decent, compassionate human beings, (although I hope you didn’t abandon your practice over the past two days).

First, the fact that we’re able to post at all this morning is a testament to the expertise and determination of my webmaster. When we discovered the website had become obsolete during my sabbatical, we were pretty sure we would have to abandon the platform and start over, however; my webmaster wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and worked all weekend to regain functionality on the existing site while we started building a new site on a new platform (same domain name: Working with Tech Support and with some creative coding on her part, she was able to pull the site from the World of the Dead into a somewhat functional coma. It’s probably not going to be pretty, but it should tide us over until the new site and the new practice is up and running. Please bear with us.

Even with as much confidence as I have in my Webmaster (she’s also my senior baby sister, so we understand each other,) we’re still not completely sure it’s going to work, so this morning I’m bringing you an update rather than a full essay. Plenty of those to come later.

This was a busy weekend. I spent Saturday morning in a photo shoot to update my promo pictures and to, hopefully get them to reflect the shift in consciousness that has taken place inside of me. After an explanation of what I wanted the photos to reflect and some energy sharing between us, the photographer said, “I understand” and I think her work shows how clearly she got the message. It also helped that she is an awakening consciousness and our conversation gave her clarity, both as to her immediate mission of taking the pictures, as well as helping her understand what is unfolding within her. A Win/Win if ever I saw one.

I also spent the weekend having a great deal of fun experimenting with and testing the possibilities of my new consciousness perspective. I started out intentionally reflecting the mask of ‘sleep’ that the vast majority of the world operates on daily. This state is characterized by an unconscious reliance on social conditioning to guide our interactions with each other without the need for conscious thought. Think about it; you spend most of your life automatically guarding and respecting your and others’ personal space, you stay in your ‘own lane’ and mind your own business. If you actually make eye contact with others it’s usually brief, superficial and (for me at last) vaguely uncomfortable.

Now however, I’m able to consciously shift my perspective to a much more wakeful state and actually interact with the real person inside the meat-sack containing the other consciousness. Then, by shifting my energy to that of unconditional love, acceptance and true compassion, I immediately found that almost everyone around me was smiling and being kinder to each other and me (it’s like someone flipped a switch and the Director called for “action” on a new scene.) I allowed myself to shift into an all-encompassing state of patience, acceptance and humor and to my amazement the world shifted along with me. It was AWESOME and also more than a little scary…in a good way (“Holy shit! This actually WORKS! Then, “This is an incredible tool, but also one that carries a huge moral responsibility to use it correctly.”)

I found that almost everyone around me was smiling, if not outright laughing, and the increase in the level of humor, love and excitement was palpable.

It wasn’t all unicorn farts and rainbows however. I did find three individuals who were absolutely aware of what I was doing and they were not having anything to do with it. These three actually caught my eye to establish conscious contact, then they scowled their disapproval at me then removed themselves from the scene. They knew who and what I was; they acknowledged me and my actions and intentions; they made sure I was aware of their awareness, then they turned their back and retreated. It’s the first time that the ‘Other Side’ acknowledged, at least to me, that they were already on the field and I was screwing up their playbook.

The good news is that that was only three people out of hundreds with whom I interacted in the course of the weekend. Nearly everyone else seemed to have a smile and were actually being kind to each other.

I also have to tell you that intentionally maintaining that level of energy and concentration was, at once, exhausting and exhilarating!

My favorite experiences dealt with people who were already angry, upset or just plain in a bad mood. By refusing to pick up their rope and participate in their pity party, and rather intentionally interacting with them from an inner place of peace and compassion, I would see them try to hold on to their anger, but inevitably they would abandon their negative attitude and shift to a much more peaceful and rational state of mind.

Take a moment to realize that I am only one person, but I must have had direct contact with around 200 people throughout the weekend, and I had a positive effect on nearly all of them. Let’s be extremely conservative and say that each of these people had interactions with only 10 others during the course of the weekend, by this morning that would mean that with geometric progression (200 people interact with 10 people who then interact with 10 others who in turn affect 10 others…by this morning I may have had a positive impact on 2 million people. Now, imagine if we had just three people in each city doing this on a daily basis. What would the world look like in 5 years??

The point is that it all begins with a conscious decision on your part. You can decide that you want a life of awareness and true CHOICE or you can stay asleep and carry on with your dream within the ‘Matrix.’ For those of you who are only just beginning to feel the stirring of awakening (you feel that something just doesn’t add up in the world and you begin to see the internal glitches and inconsistencies in the illusion. You may even begin to question your own sanity), take heart in the fact that honest and sincere intention is the first and most powerful step in awakening. Want it, work for it, then let it go and it will hit you like a bus out of the blue. Scary, but indescribably awesome!

Here’s hoping you have an intentionally great and mindful day.



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