Richard Dama, LPC, Counseling & Clinical Hypnotherapy

What our Clients Say

I am an LPC myself. The literature shows that use of hypnosis and cognitive therapy works quickly in cases of severe anxiety and even PTSD. Richard is more than good at this, he is steller; he has helped me more than I had hoped for when it his been sorely needed. I have already referred several people to him. Thanks Richard.

– Tom T. –


I was a little skeptical at first but I tried to be open minded with the whole process. I can’t believe the amount of peace and happiness I felt afterwards! I have never experienced being that calm with no background noise going on in my brain. I am still totally at peace this morning and when I started to get a little anxious I used the techniques he told me to use and I felt a sense of peace come over me. It is truly unbelievable! If that’s what having a clear mind feels like I am more motivated than ever to get there!

– Alex M. –


THANK YOU for giving me the tools to truly “turn the corner” in this current season of my journey! It has truly been life changing. As I worked with the new information that you gave me, I found that the “key” that unlocked and allowed me to become “unstuck” was the key that I received in our first session. It is true that you work miracles.

– Delores F. –


Richard Dama empowered me to take control of my life and I’ve made changes for the positive. I went from a nonbeliever to a firmly committed believer of Richard Dama and hypnosis. He’s helped me become and stay the real me. I love it and thank him every day for giving me these tools.

– Karen P. –


I’m so happy I decided to try hypnosis! Since our session, I’ve had ZERO desire, want or urge to eat after dinner. I feel better and calmer than I have felt in a long time. Loving it!!

– Angela S. –